In mid-February, Prof Nigel leigh (Brighton and Sussex Medical School) and Dr Brian Dickie (Motor Neurone Disease Association) took part in a webinar to promote awareness of ALS and the MIROCALS trial.

The webinar, titled ‘A Novel Approach to ALS Trial Development’ was hosted by Icon PLC (the company employed to monitor the MIROCALS trial) and attracted 160 registrants from 24 countries, a mix of scientists, clinicians and pharmaceutical company representatives.


End of trial recruitment phase this autumn

The MIROCALS (Modifying Immune Response and Outcomes in ALS) Clinical Trial is still on-going, with recruitment continuing until the end of September 2019.

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Charities and Patient Associations rally around MIROCALS to show their support

Clinical trials are expensive to run and with several more neurology clinics taking part, ...

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Will Brexit impact on MIROCALS?

As with everything else affected by Brexit, there are probably more questions than answers!

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